Can’t we just pay somebody to write a funny title for this post using “equinox”?

So…we’re having an Equinox shindig on the 29th, though it won’t actually be on the Equinox, it’s ok, because we’re ok. We haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be themed — ALL COCONUT ALL THE TIME?

I am very good at throwing things in a pan and burning them. A master, in fact.

Off-hand, I was thinking it’d be fun to do something way outside my comfort zone , but that’s pretty much everything. If it’s not Italian, Greek, Turkish or Lebanese, I have no idea how to make it and probably don’t have the right tools to cook it either. (“What? You mean you don’t use olive oil in this?”) Oh yea, and I’ll probably burn it.

Asano-mama will now give you all a vocabulary lesson. In Greek, the word for what we call “olive oil” is λάδι, pronounced “LAH-þee” (yes, that’s a þorn). It means oil, not olive oil, just oil, because why the heck would you use anything else? Sickos.


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