Maple syrup

Oh yea, and because I can:

Don’t know if you guys saw the article on local maple syrup on, but because I’m one of those people, I realized the syrup farm and the stores that sell their syrup aren’t that far from my destination on Saturday. I’m going to get a (small!) bottle for myself and I think Plumduff wants one too. Anyone else interested?

They are really, really small bottles:

Maple Syrup

— but if the syrup’s as good as I’m hoping, there may just be pancakes in our future.



10 thoughts on “Maple syrup

  1. I actually already have two bottles of maple syrup (because I forgot I already had a bottle and bought another one), but I looked at the website and it has a recipe for Maple Apple Pie. Maybe I should make one…….

  2. I wasn’t sure if that was the user name she had chosen or not. She didn’t tell me. Should we correct the admin list?

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