Sel de la Terre—c’etait un coup de foudre

*twirls handlebar moustache with glee*

So I think the Awesomesauce is all agreed that Sel de la Terre provides an eminently satisfying meal. We invaded this unsuspecting Long Wharf restaurant yesterday evening and left victorious, full, happy, a bit poorer. Mikan-san and I went for prix fixe while Plumduff and Awesomesaucian-Yet-To-Be-Named went for different plates from around the menu.

The rundown (from what I can remember)–

Plumduff: Eggplant-goat cheese purée with olive oil and toasted black walnuts for starters, Oven roasted free range chicken breast with wild mushroom tart, arugula and sauce Robert (and artichokes, right)?

Awesomesaucian-Yet-To-Be-Named: Rosemary pommes frites as a side, Flatbread pizza with hummus, olive tapenade, mozzarella, spinach, caramelized onions and bacon (crunchy!),  and a very nummy looking salad, but I can’t remember which one it was… and a fantastically delicate creme brulee for dessert.

Mikan-san and I both had very tender shortribs on pureed potato for the main course, her first course was a really savory truffle soup? I think? Mine was a paté platter (YAY!). For dessert she had a chocolate pot and I had some very soft and crunchy chocolatey tarts. I’m drooling just remembering it all!

I’m sure everybody will post with their thoughts on what they ate… just trying to record the menu for posterity!

5 thoughts on “Sel de la Terre—c’etait un coup de foudre

  1. It was a romaine salad with endive, pear, apple, golden raisins, honey roasted cashews, and slivers of cheese (ricotta salata?). Yummy, indeed. I’ve added a “Sel de la Terre Salad” recipe to my recipe folder on my computer 😀

    Asano-mama, don’t forget that you had the rasberry lambic with champagne!

    I stayed up later than I should have last night looking for a bread recipe for Saturday that doesn’t contain milk so plumduff can dutifully abstain from dairy until after her half-marathon on Sunday.

    So, I have finally named myself, but, alas, am too technology-challenged to figure out how to add myself to the blog. Would one of you fellow Awesomesaucians be so kind as to help me with that?

  2. huh… that salad sounds way better than when I was looking at it. lol! I like everything even if I am allergic to half of it. And the cheese was probably ricotta salata. I think it’s very good with pears. I made that once! No one except me at it. 😦

    Also, I have picked a bread and a pie recipe to make. Ok, the bread is actually a quick bread, but I suspect that it will be well liked. Who cares if I’m cheating.

    I had the forest mushroom soup. yummy!!

    I am not kicking myself for not thinking to bring a camera.

  3. Gladly notanename 😀 You should see an email in your inbox shortly. WordPress is kind of confusing at first but it’s rather unbreakable, so feel free to play around with the settings and stuff 🙂

    HOW did I forget my rasperry lambic champagne?? *raps knuckles*

    I am very curious about these bread and pie recipes you found. All I’ll be able to whip up is a basic pasta dish (maybe throw in some winter squash just for flavor, but yea, BASIC) — we are in your capable hands! 😀

  4. Yes indeed there was artichoke…it was breaded and crispy. The entire meal was delicious. I actually don’t really remember eating it, like one minute it was on the plate and the next it was in my stomach and I wanted more XDD

  5. By the way, I checked the SdlT’s online menu — I was wrong about the cheese. It was piave vecchio, not ricotta salata.

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