Avocado Pasta Sauce

Oh, wow… I’m posting something? With pictures?!

This past weekend I made the avocado pasta sauce recipe as found on the Sara Moulton website. I used 3 cups of whole milk rather than four, and used more cheese than originally listed (I had trouble reducing the sauce and still wanted the right texture). I also didn’t have tomatoes on hand. In the future, I’ll probably replace the tomatillas with green bell peppers just because it’s more readily available.

The pasta sauce also makes for a good salad dressing. Yum.

a close up of my dinner

my dinner

Here’s the link to the recipe, http://www.saramoulton.com/recipebox.php?id=76&cat_id=17

~ Mikan

4 thoughts on “Avocado Pasta Sauce

  1. Having snuck several bites of this, I can affirm that it was very yummy. A really nice mild flavor, I was kind of surprised by it. Something about the creaminess made me think of almost an alfredo sauce, something nice for cold weather 🙂

  2. Yes! Like a healthier alfredo sauce. 🙂

    However, the avocado flavor is the dominant flavor so I guess I wouldn’t recommend this recipe to anyone who doesn’t like avocados.

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