I think they’re going out of season soon but I managed to snag the LAST BUNCH at Russo’s today!


I just chopped them rough, sauteed them lightly (in olive oil of course) with halved cherry tomatoes and put it over fettuccine. It’s really good!

Ramps dish

My final ramps dish closeup
Ramps have an interesting flavor, a fresher, greener scallion, kind of a bit like Chinese leeks, too. Definitely a strong flavor though. They don’t need a lot of fanciness to make for a delicious dish, so this simple one worked well. Simple flavors delicious all together.

Also I went to Seban Bakery in Watertown and bought some random Middle Eastern stuff, including:
Abali Yogurt Soda

Yep! It’s like liquid tzatziki.


5 thoughts on “Ramps!

  1. I’m very jealous that you got ramps. I feel like I should try to find some and out-do your yummy looking dinner. ^_~

  2. That would be hilarious! XD

    But now I really want to get ramps! I had a sudden burst of inspiration even though I have no idea what they taste like. My idea is based on your tasting review as well as other people’s comments about ramps.

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