Picture post, mochi

It’s kind of funny – mochi is one of those food items that I love more because it’s like comfort food to me even though I did not grow up eating any.

I was in NYC recently with friends.  We stopped by the Japanese market near Saints Alp, my favorite bubble tea place.  While in the market, my best friend pointed out a box of Sakura-ya miyako mochi.

And it was yummy and lovely.  I want more.  I’d wouldn’t mind making it myself, but I’m not sure where to pick up sweet red bean flour.

~ Mikan




6 thoughts on “Picture post, mochi

    • I’m sure someone around here must. I’ve just never thought about looking for it. I’ve tried looking for undo-ko (udon flour) once and that was a bust (but I rather doubted finding it to begin with).

    • The label mentioned red bean flour, but I think it’s actually “kinako” which is soybean flour. I don’t know how to explain the flavor. I guess maybe as a toasted sweetness that doesn’t have a strong flavor of its own. It’s more like a highlight.

  1. I could not agree with this more! Mochi is such a comfort food; soft and kinda sweet, and nice, and good Japan memories! (^___^)
    Last time I had miyako mochi, I was in NYC as well. In fact, I think I went to the same place you did (right area, same packaging). Nothing quite as nice as waiting for a train eating mochi and drinking C.C. Lemon.

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