I am not dead

::  I have been suffering from a cold turned into mild sinus infection since New Year’s Day.

::  I was already suffering from a cold that just wouldn’t quit a month and a half before that.

::  As a result, most of my cooking has been limited to variations of chicken broth.  ha.

::  I’ve been taking continuing education courses for fun at a nearby college.  It was more involved that I imagined it would be.  And I’m crazy enough to do it again for the spring semester which starts next week.  My hobbies are getting in the way of my other hobbies.

::  I’ve been taking a few food photos but I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and write them up.  This laziness has extended to a musical review that I’ve been promising my friends on my non-food journal.

::  Plumduff has gotten married and moved out of our house.  Stealth Eater is hardly home (during the cold weather, she is known to hide at her boyfriend’s place which is warmer than our household).  Asano-mama has seen major changes in her life in 2009, so she’s busy with other things.

::  I bought a groupon voucher for Sel de la Terre.  I cannot wait.  🙂

~ Mikan


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