lacto-fermented soda, part 2

Oh no! Did the moment pass?

I came home today from work, and went to shake both of the soda jars. My plum/cinnamon jar was barely bubbling along. Apple/ginger did not look much better.

Perhaps I should have put plum/cinnamon into the fridge last night?

I decided to go with my intuition, and mixed in a little sugar into both jars. I’m hoping that the yeast hasn’t died out. Perhaps it was just running out of food to eat.

It’s not worth taking a picture today.

I did, however, take a little sip of plum/cinnamon. The cinnamon is the dominant flavor. I think I am happy enough with the result. I’ll put it into the fridge before I go to bed. Hopefully, with the added sugar, there will be more activity in the next few hours.

I did not taste apple/ginger but I smelled it. The ginger aroma was very nice.


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