this is not a food post?

Well, technically it’s not.

Yesterday, I finally got around to planting some seeds. I’m starting with:
a mirco green mix
bak choy

Yes, I’m a little late to start. I’ve either been busy and away from the house or it’s been raining. Better a little late than a lot late, or even worse never.

Perhaps next weekend, I think I’ll start the seeds for zucchini. Then in June, I’ll start the seeds for kale.

Trying to grow an edible garden is completely foreign to me. Gardening in general just isn’t my thing but having fresh produce is extremely appealing.

I’m going for a container garden right now, in case anyone was wondering. If I don’t completely fail at it, I might step up for a raised bed next year.

Photos to come when I start to see something growing!

P.S.  I found another nice link with a table of “what’s in season”.  I think this one is a little easier to read.


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