veggie CSA, no.1, 2011

I’m so excited! My sister and I agreed to do a veggie CSA sometime ago, and our shares are finally starting!

This is our best guess of what will come in this week.

Please remember that sometimes we can’t harvest exactly what we expect!

Salad Mix (lb) 0.75
Kale/Chard (bunch) 1
Herbs (bunch) 1
Basil Plant 1
Scallion (bunch) 1
Radish/turnip (bunch) 1

I forget if we’re sharing a full share or a half share.  What I copied above was the full share info.  I’m looking forward to seeing if what is in the box is what they emailed out.  And, will I really end up with another basil plant for the garden?  Because I won’t say no to it!


EDIT at 11pm-ish:  ah, we are on a half share.  We got a smaller amount of salad mix and no radishes, but we paid a little more for an egg share.    SE and I split the eggs, three per person.  The scallions were *huge*, and I still have my re-grown window sill scallions, so we gave the scallions to my mom.  My sister isn’t the one growing a container garden, so I got the basil (purple basil – SE said she had a choice of green or purple but picked up the purple so that my garden would have variety).  The herbs turned out to be a large bunch of mint.  SE isn’t a mint fan, so it went to me.  She took the kale (Red Russian kale we suspect) and the salad greens.  I guess I should just eat my microgreens for now!


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