Getting back into the swing of things

1. I haven’t been cooking nearly as much as I wish I were.

2. I’ve been lazy about posting garden pictures even though I took the trouble to take photos. I guess there’s just not much to talk about at this time. I have a few more eggplants that are maturing, and my mom and I have a winter melon growing. Our tomatoes didn’t do so well, but that’s mostly our fault. My thyme and rosemary plants are happy, and my tarragon plant is a slow grower in the grand scheme of things. It’s been raining a lot the past three days, which is great for my newly installed rainbarrel (with huge thanks to my sister and her landscaper). My shiso plants are pretty awesome… too bad I don’t use enough of it.

3. The SEAS lectures started this week. I went to see Harold McGee and Dave Arnold. There’s not a lot to write about but I will summarize nevertheless! I meant to write last night and just clean forgot about it. I haven’t had to think about the lectures since last fall.

4. I have a lot of things going on this fall. Likely this will mean that I am going to be very selfish with my free time. I expect a lot of cooking and very little socialing. Good news for this blog, not so good news for my friends. lol!


EDIT!  – The lecture has already been posted, so I guess I won’t write a full entry on it.
I missed Harold McGee last year, but I think he covers most of the same things – the history of cooking discoveries like pressure cooking, low temperature cooking, and haute cuisine.  I highly suggest watching the parts with Dave Arnold.  Harold McGee is like a favorite uncle while Dave Arnold is like the cousin you want to party and hang out with.  Dave demonstrated several things: dragon’s beard candy, vodka infused with coffee, clarifying lime juice with agar agar, and a video on making a fish dish with meat glue to get wood grain looking designs.
Dave Arnold’s blog is fun to read as well…  Lots of geeky food things going on.

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