Harvard SEAS lecture 12/4/11 – Ferran Adrià

I don’t have a ton of things to say about the lecture.  So, here’s a quick summary:

  • Translator? José Andrés .
  • Other guests spotted in the audience? Carles Tejedor, David Chang, Najat Kaanache, Harold McGee, and I think Pere Planagumà.
  • José Andrés is the most awesome Spanish translator. Even though he’s translating for his good friend, he can’t stop himself from putting his own spin on the dialogue. Early on, Ferran caught him for adding his own words to the translation, and Jose’s reaction was “I’m going to be fired.”
  • The lecture was about El Bulli as a restaurant, and the reinvention of El Bulli as a foundation. I think he said that the new building will start construction in 2014. There will be research materials, and it sounded like the 1,845 recipes in the El Bulli archives will be made available. At the moment, the foundation will be in three buildings. The research library, the meeting/conference/presentation room, and the kitchen. All the buildings will be environmentally friendly.
  • We saw videos of 1) making a hollow coconut milk ball with the aid of a balloon and some liquid nitrogen, 2) spaghetti where the it’s made from cheese instead of wheat, 3) spun threads of caramel, and 4) pressed flowers in not paper but cotton candy paper.
  • Ferran spent some time talking about the book “Natura” by Albert Adrià. It’s a book on desserts, but the food presentation is very organic and inspired by nature.

And that’s it! The semester of lectures is over.  (^_^)

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