Soup Swap 2012, Cambridge

I missed the soup swap last year, but I was able to attend this year. For those unfamiliar, the rules are this:
-bring six 1qt containers of soup, frozen and labeled
-guests pick out a number/letter out of a bowl, this determines the order in which people get to pick up soups
-the first half of the night is dedicated to the telling of the soup (basically explain what is in your soup, why you made it… you’re trying to sell your product here)
-the second half of the night is dedicated to picking up your soup, there are six rounds.

It is important to list out what the soups are on a piece of paper during the telling of the soup. And when it’s time for pick up, it’s important to keep track of quantities. There’s some strategy to getting all the soup flavors you want, but I think it’s mostly luck.

I made 4 quarts of kimchi-jigae (kimchi soup), and 2 quarts of Norwegian fruit soup.  I drew a hanbok for one label, and printed out a Norwegian flag for my other.

This is what the table looked like just before 8pm…

And less than an hour later, the table looked like this…

The flavors were:
-vegan chili w/ brussel sprouts
-roasted squash w/ Thai curry
-Tex Mex turkey
-chorizo/linguica soup
-miso carrot
-spicy tomato
-chicken gumbo (4 qts)/lemony lentils (2 qts)
-angry rooster (chicken soup w/ siracha)
-split pea with ham
-hot and sour soup w/ a scallion+cilantro pancake
-monster miso (a miso soup packed with lots of tofu, etc.)
-split pea (w/o ham I think)
-kimchi soup (4 qts)/fruit soup (2 qts)
-chicken gumbo (homemade but made to taste like Campbell’s chicken gumbo)

The ones in bold are the ones I took home.  Yes, I took back one of my own soups.  lol!  I don’t have a lot of room in my freezer, so I’ll definitely be working my way through all of them starting tomorrow!

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