Cuisinart confession

Some readers might remember that my Hamilton Beach immersion blender died a noble death this past winter. (O’ faithful kitchen tool of several years, you are very much missed.)

Thanks to a sale and a family member who works at a department store, Hamilton Beach was quickly replaced by a happy looking orange Cuisinart immersion blender.

It’s taller than the Hamilton Beach.  It’s more top heavy.  It’s faster.

Faster, I’m realizing, is not better.

The blades on the Hamilton Beach are more angular.  I don’t think they are sharper though.  I guess they are technically longer since the center of the blades is smaller.  The vents, if I may call them that, around the blade are more effective.  I seldom had to stop blending and check to see if anything had gotten caught.

Simply put, my Cuisinart is slightly disappointing.  I used it on mushroom soup recently.  The mushrooms kept getting caught in the vents, or just spun around in the space between the blades and the walls.  (Maybe there’s not enough of a cyclone effect?)

I used to use the Hamilton Beach to blend smoothies when I was too lazy to bust out a real blender.  It wasn’t a perfect solution but it was a solution.  The Cuisinart has produced grittier results… like maybe it’s having trouble because there’s not enough liquid?  It’s not a total failure though.  It whipped up a batch of milk mayonnaise very well  (it is a zippy thing after all).  But I never tried to make milk mayonnaise with the Hamilton Beach, so it’s not a fair comparison there.

I think when the Cuisinart dies, I might splurge for a Bamix.  A friend of mine has a wife who works at a fine restaurant.  Apparently Bamix immersion blenders are well loved there.  But that won’t be for awhile, unless someone wants to give me a Bamix from the goodness of their heart.  (^_~)

Maybe I’ll chicken out and buy another Hamilton Beach, but I don’t know what their current immersion blenders look like.  Something to think about, I guess.

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