I have a meat CSA!

I got my confirmation email. I’m so excited. I thought I was totally out of options because most meat CSAs around here are a 6 month subscription starting in June. I’ll be sharing it with one of my neighbors.

And there’s the option to buy extras. Lots of extras. (^_^)

Your delivery is July 3rd 
.Here is this months extras list:
Uncured new Potatoes $4 per pound
Uncured Garlic $2 per bulb 
Beef burger $4.50 per pound
Beef short ribs $4.50 per pound
Beef crosscut shanks $4.50 per pound
Veal stew meat $4.50 per pound
Veal shanks $5 per pound (cut into 3 pieces with one piece per package)**for Osso Bucco** ***On sale $4 per pound***
Ground veal $4.50 per pound
Fresh pork belly ends (2.4 to 3.7#) $3 per pound-(can be for salt pork)**price reduced**
Fresh belly Skin-on (10.9 & 6.1#) $5 per pound
Hot Italian bulk $5 per pound
Sweet Italian bulk $5 per pound
breakfast sausage  $5 per pound
ground pork (no seasons) $4.50 per pound
Pork spare ribs (2 to 3 #) $3 per pound
Fresh jowls  $2 per pound
Pigs feet $1 per pound
Pig ears $1 per pound
back fat (5 to 6 lbs) $1 per pound
beef and veal heart $2 per pound
beef liver $2 per pound
pork hearts, livers, and tongues  $2 per pound
soup bones (no meat) $1.50 per pound**** beef, pork and veal only****
Beef and veal tongue–$5 per pound
Pork sirloin end chops–$6.50 per pound
Bacon ends and peices (regular cure only) $6 per pound
 Nitrate free bacon ends and pieces $6.50 per pound
Linked sausages:priced at $6.50 per package (approx 1# pkgs)
Fresh Kielbasa rope (not cured)
Vermont Maple links (breakfast size)
Hot Italian
American breakfast ingredients: pork, salt, white pepper, sugar, and sage
Smoked Andouille **only 5 left** 
Veal Hot Italian
Veal Garlic and Parmesan
Veal fresh Kielbasa
Veal sweet Italian
Pork boneless sirloin end roasts (1 to 1.7#) $6.50 per pound
Pork loin roast (2.6 to 6.9 lbs) $7.50 per pound *** sale $6 per pound*** 
Pork sirloin end roast (4.1 to 5.8#) $6.50 per pound***sale $5.50 per pound***
Cured ham end roasts (4# to 5.6 #) $7 per pound ***sale $5 per pound***
Boneless half ham roasts (6.2 to 6.8#) $7.50 per pound***sale $6 per pound*** 
bone-in pinic roasts (4.1 to 5.6#) $6 per pound***sale $4 per pound*** 
Half pork butt roasts (3 to 5.5 lbs) $6.50 per pound****sale $5.50 per pound***
fresh boneless picnic roasts (3.7 to 5.1 lbs) $6.50 per pound ***Sale $5.50 per pound***
Beef bottom round roasts (1.6 to 2.8#) $6.00 per pound
Beef brisket (3.6 to 5.2#) $6.50 per pound
Beef eye of the round roast (1.7 to 3.6#) $6 per pound
Veal eye of the round (1.6 to 2.1#) $11 per pound
Lamb liver, kidneys, and tongues—$1 per pound
2 to 4.7 lbs  $4.50 per pound***Sale***
Pure  Vermont Maple Syrup:
$12 per pint
$22 per quart
$32 per half gallon
$54 per gallon
Natural Vermont wildflower honey from local West Meadow Farm
8 oz  $4.75
12 oz squeeze bear $6.75
16 oz $8.75 
32 oz $16.50
Claires Country Garden Jellies and Jams  (all 9 oz jars) $8 each  more information at www.Clairescountrygarden.com.
Jalapeno Jam 
Raspberry Jam
Pickles are 16oz each at $8 each
Sweet pickle relish
Dill spears
Hot Damn Dill
Dilly beans –cut
Bread and Butter 
YeeYee’s Pickles 12 oz each at $6 each
Pickled beets

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