OXO gifts

This time around, OXO sent me their cherry pitter to try out, for free.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, yes?

Overall reaction?  Meh.  I can do with out.**  I brought it over to my niece’s yesterday because my niece is a cherry addict.  As her dessert, I pitted six cherries with her with the OXO pitter.  The first time, the pit came out without a problem.  The second and third time, no pit.  The last three attempts found the cherry pits, but the pits held onto the cherries where it was supposed to fall out and required a quick, gentle pull to finish the job.

For the casual cherry eater, it’s not necessary at all.  I think, if you were a pie-making monster, then the cherry pitter will be handier with than without.  Pitting cherries for a pie is very time consuming.  I can only imagine getting very bored and very tired of it by the end (cherry pie recipes seem to require 4 cups of cherries!)  so any help is better than none.  And it’s a very messy process.   Even if the OXO pitter wasn’t the perfect solution, the splatter shield at the bottom of the OXO pitter worked as advertised.  I made very little mess as I was goofing around.

So, pick up the OXO cherry pitter as you see fit.

But to end this post of a happier note, let me say that OXO generously added an ice cream scooper as a surprise gift.  I was elated.  I had an OXO ice cream scooper for many years before it disappeared one day.  I suspect an old roommate took it accidentally.  I hadn’t bothered to replace it.  I just didn’t keep ice cream at all in my house unless it was a cute little single serving cup.

The OXO ice cream scooper totally made my day brighter.  I’m inspired to make ice cream just to use the scooper.  lol!

** = die-hard OXO fans, please don’t hurt me.


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