To bottle, or not to bottle

I’ve been debating about putting up this post because I don’t want anyone to think I’m spamming them. But it also makes for an interesting debate, so I’ve decided to go forward.

The nice people at set me up with a two month free trial for home deliveries with Poland Springs. In return, I promised to give my honest opinion and nothing else.

The good? I’m someone without a car so I can see the service as being a *huge* convenience. My deliveries were made on time, and you can choose to buy other beverages beside water, like flavored sparkling water or ice tea. Price-wise, the service isn’t much different from going to a store. And I admit, I got a little nostalgic there. When I was little, we had a Hood milk man who delivered our beverages every week. (I think my dad signed up for it because my mom didn’t know how to drive until I was born, and the market wasn’t in comfortable walking distance.)  It was a bit like that.

The bad?  I try to be environmentally friendly, so all of those bottles start to weigh on my soul.  I’m not even kidding.  I’m lucky that my town has excellent tap water.  I usually just put tap water in a pitcher and throw it in my fridge (I do use a Brita filter sometimes – but that’s mostly a “flavor thing”)  Having a bin of water bottles to be recycled is a foreign to me.

On the other hand, I know that there are a lot of people out there who are like my cousin.  My cousin?  Refuses to drink tap water in general.  It might be a cultural thing – her parents came her from Hong Kong and you shouldn’t drink the tap water there.  If my cousin drinks tap water, she has to boil it first and then let it cool (which I can’t stand – I think it makes water taste weird, and boiled water should be used for a cup of tea).  It could be a location thing.  Before she moved into my town, she lived a town where the water pipes were known to have quite a bit of rust in it.  She would love to use a water home delivery service if it weren’t for the fact that she lives in a medium sized apartment building.

So, the Poland Springs delivery?  It has its place in the world.  I don’t seen myself signing up for it as I’m happy enough with tap water and a re-useable bottle.  But there are lots of people out there like my cousin or other people who might need deliveries due to a physical hardship.  And I like Poland Springs water in general (I’m a bigger fan of their fizzy water, especially the mandarin orange flavor) which might sound like an odd thing to say.  How does anyone have a water preference?  It’s true though.  I never thought much about it until I went to Europe for the first time last year.  Vittel water?  That’s a terrible brand of water.  I don’t know how to explain it other than to say that it tastes very stagnant.  After one bottle of Vittel, I’ve sworn never to touch it again when I’m in Europe again.**




** = which is kind of hilarious since they are both owned by Nestlé.


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