Silliness is…

I have moments when I can’t resist trying things just for the sake of curiosity.

Last month, there was a Groupon-like thing for  Since I had never ordered from the sale site in question before, I was also being offered an extra discount on my first purchase.  Although I am not on a diet (I have never, ever been on a diet, and have no real plans to), I wanted to see if The Fresh Diet lived up to the hype.  After all the discounts, I am effectively paying $15 per day for seven days of food.  Home cooking is cheaper, but $15 for an entire day of meals isn’t too bad.  And, dammit, I’m just really curious.

My experiment starts on September 10th, and will run for seven business days.  I opted not to receive any deliveries on the weekend.  I plan to take pictures and review thoroughly.

Am I the only person crazy enough to do this?  haha.


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