The Fresh Diet, day 1

I had never heard of the The Fresh Diet until the BFF brought it into conversation one day, a few months back. And then, it felt like I was seeing it every where online – Gilt Boston, probably The Daily Candy, maybe Living Social… you get the idea.

It wasn’t the first “handmade and delivered to your door” service that I had seen (that honor goes to but it did sound awfully nice! Take a break from cooking? Not have to worry about whether I am eating a balanced meal? Sure, ok!

I will say that the chances to tailor your meals is impressive.  For each day that you’ve purchased, you get to select your breakfast, your snack, your lunch, your dinner and sides, and your dessert.  You are allowed a “dislike basket” in your account profile where you select up to seven ingredients that you do not want in your meals.  This does not mean that meals will be constructed without your dislike ingredient.  It just means that you will get a pop-up if you select an item on the menu with the banned ingredient, so that you can select another.

Your meals get dropped off in an insulated bag, with a print out of your menu/heating instructions, and a plastic lock so that it isn’t tampered with when it gets to your drop off location.

For the purpose of my reviews, I’ve decided that each meal that I like gets +1 point.  Any meal that I am willing to eat but completely don’t care for will get zero points.  Any meal that I find inedible gets a -1 point.  At the end of the seven days, the best possible score is 35.  (I’m including separate scores for the 2 snack/desserts that are part of your meal selection.)

Now with the nitpicky out of the way…

BREAKFAST!  It does not look as nice as the photo on the website, but it seems to be a full bowl of oatmeal with toasted coconut flakes, and three pieces of pineapple.  (I was amused that it also came with a flower.)  The oatmeal is more gluely in texture than I am accustomed to but the overall flavor was pretty good.  It turns out that I like pineapple and coconut in my oatmeal.  The only downside is that I know oatmeal does not stay with me long.  Even when I had stepped into the office at 8:30a, I was already hungry.  Breakfast this morning gets +1.

Snack #1 – mushroom crown with sauteed garlic beef in tomato sauce.  I only got one mushroom.  First impression, too watery.  Second impression, the garlic beef could have used more garlic.  The beef filling was ok, but I feel like the seasonings could have been heavier.  Overall, my snack was approaching bland territory.  I was going to give it a +1, but I don’t ever see myself making this.  I can see myself making oatmeal with coconut and pineapple, but not so much on my stuffed mushroom.  And I am still hungry.  Yes, I am aware that The Fresh Diet is for dieting.  I am only getting 1200 to 1400 calories a day through this meal system.  I think I will be supplementing my meals going forward.  I suspect that I might also eat a serving of pita chips before lunch rolls around.  It’s 10:30a as I write this.  I don’t take lunch until 1p.  Oh hells bells…

Lunch – I would like to say that at 11:30a, I had a serving of pita chips.  I am an unhappy person if I am plagued by hunger.  How do people go on diets?  I certainly can’t.    Anyway, I took a picture of my chicken sandwich with a ruler so that you can get an idea of the portion size.  Overall, it was ok.  The bell peppers were good but they give you such a tiny amount.  It wasn’t even half a bell pepper.  And I think that there should have been some lettuce to go with it.  I feel like there was a missed opportunity to get vegetables into me.  The chicken was a little dry, which only made me hanker for lettuce and more bell pepper.  Having said that, I would still have to give my lunch a +1 point.  The overall dish is something I can see myself making at home.  I would replace the multi-grain with some homemade spelt bread or some haiga rice, add some nice romaine, and pile up the bell pepper.   Since I am not at home, however, I followed up lunch with a small serving of dark chocolate for my own sanity.

Dinner was turkey with a sauce on the side, sauteed chard, and a broccoli mash.  Obviously, the turkey was boring on its own.  The sauce was a needed dressing.  The chard was ok, and the broccoli looked worse than it tasted.  I don’t normally mash my broccoli.  I’m not a baby after all.  Weirdness aside, I found dinner to be more satisfying in my tummy than lunch.  Dinner gets +1 point.

As for my dessert, I had my mandarin orange muffin.  Immediate reaction?  Meh.  It was almost like a cornbread but not quite.  The orange flavor was there, but it could have been stronger.  It helped round out my dinner, but I didn’t care much for the muffin as a stand-alone item.  It gets zero points.

The points at the end of day #1?  3 out of 5.

I wonder what’s in store for day #2?

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[Note – my reviews were written at the time of consumption, and then saved into one post throughout the day.  I am not getting paid in any way for my review.  I paid for the product out of my own pocket to satisfy my curiosity.]


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