The Fresh Diet, day 2

[Note – my reviews were written at the time of consumption, and then saved into one post throughout the day. I am not getting paid in any way for my review. I paid for the product out of my own pocket to satisfy my curiosity.]

I have learned my lesson quickly. I am not someone who can live on 1200-1400 calories a day, even if that food is being cooked for me.  Since I’m not actually on a diet, there’s no reason for me to suffer through. I firmly believe in eating enough to feel satisfied. And as I have grown wiser with age, I try to eat balanced meals. It’s still a skill I’m learning, but it’s what I believe in first and foremost. So, as I am trying out the Fresh Diet, I am also supplementing my meals as I see fit.

Breakfast today was a wedge of a cheese and bell pepper egg bake with a side of pineapples.  The omelet, texture-wise, was interesting.  I reminded me of the old days when my mom would make a steamed egg dish made of nothing more than eggs and water, mixed well.  (We used to top it with oyster sauce.  Do any other Asian families do this?  Or was it something my mom made up?)  It looks dense but tastes light.  Flavor-wise, it was nothing unexpected and it was pretty straightforward.  I will admit that I ate it as a snack at 10:30a.  My actual breakfast was half an avocado mashed on some ak-mak crackers (it has been my go-to breakfast all summer).  Good thing too, if you ask me.  Strange truth – not only does oatmeal not stay my appetite in the morning, but eggs don’t either.  There was no way in hell that tiny wedge of omelet was going to tide me over from 7a to 10:30a.  (10:30a is my snack time.  My tummy is like a clock when I’m at work.)    Breakfast gets +1 point.

Lunch was a mushroom pizza… what seemed to be 3/4th of an individual size pie, like the size you’d find in the freezer section of your supermarket.  The dough was very light and fluffy, more bread-like in texture than it was chewy. Overall,  I liked it.  I think my only criticism is that 1) it was too much crust compared to the amount of topping, and 2) not enough mushrooms.  But, it’s gets +1 point easily.

The snack that I had following lunch was chocolate and raspberry panini melt.  I have to give it a +1 because it’s chocolate!  It’s chocolate and raspberry!…  even though I didn’t care for the bread that was used.  So, I’m tempted to give it a zero, but I won’t.  (Tiny… such a tiny piece…)

Dinner was straightforward and slightly bland.  It was roasted pork loin with apricot curry sauce, farro grain pilaf, and sauteed mushrooms.  I liked the apricot curry sauce, and the very plain pork loin was in desperate need of the sauce.  I only wish I had more curry sauce because I found myself mixing it into the farro as well.  I don’t get it – herbs and spices don’t add calories… it couldn’t hurt for FD to put some in.  But I suppose blander is more customer friendly.  I might be someone who loves rosemary, but I’m sure somewhere another FD’er hates it.  I have to give this zero points because I don’t see myself ever making this at home (and I’m getting tired of slightly dry meat).

Dessert was a couple of pistachio crusted, chocolate dipped figs.  (The photo is missing a fig, because I ate it before I remembered to take a picture.)  Taste-wise, it was fine.  But I’m giving it zero points because I found this awkward to eat.  Every bite meant tiny pieces of pistachio and chocolate breaking off and into my hands.  It was a good thing I was eating over the kitchen sink (which I have a tendency to do when snacking) or else I’d need to vacuum after myself.

Today’s points: 3 out of 5.
Total points: 6 out of 10.

(I supplemented dinner/dessert with some spaghetti squash in homemade tomato sauce, and a quarter piece of Chinese mooncake.  I just can’t resist mooncake season.)

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