The Fresh Diet, day 3

[Note – my reviews were written at the time of consumption, and then saved into one post throughout the day. I am not getting paid in any way for my review. I paid for the product out of my own pocket to satisfy my curiosity.]

Day 3 starts with whole wheat blueberry waffles with cottage cheese and blueberries.  I’m not a huge cottage cheese fan, but I like it better now than I did when I was younger.  I say waffles, but the serving size is really one waffle cut in half.  The cottage cheese was about 1/4 cup, maybe 1/3?  I forgot to look more closely. Breakfast easily wins +1 point.  It  turns out that I like cottage cheese mixed with maple syrup on top of the waffles.  Cottage cheese has such a mild flavor that it’s basically maple syrup flavored once the syrup is mixed it.  I didn’t even need to use all the maple syrup provided.  I think this will make a good breakfast as the weather continues to turn cooler here in Greater Boston, and I will need to give up my avocado breakfasts.  (Avocados do not ripen well in a cold New England house.  This is what I have learned from last winter.)

Lunch was a burger!  A pretty decent burger too.  The black angus burger was served on a whole wheat sandwich flat bread (you know the round kind that Pepperidge Farm made popular?).  It came with some dijon/mayo sauce on the side, a tomato slice, and a really tiny lettuce leaf.  I really don’t understand it – lettuce doesn’t have much by way of calories, and it has fiber so why not more of it?  The waffles and cottage cheese kept me away from hunger so well, that I didn’t even have the FD snack with my meal.  The burger was all I needed to feel full.  +1 point easily.

(Sorry that the picture of the burger was taken before I warmed it up, so it probably look less appetizing than it should.  Can you spot the small lettuce leaf?)

Of course, by the time I got home from work, I needed a quick bite to eat before heading back on the road.  My snack was a bacon and melon salad.  Oh, I’m giving it a +1, but the salad was a bit of a joke in terms of portion.  The bacon was really more a grilled ham slice, cut in half.  But what nearly had me laughing were the two small chunks of melon and the five arugula leaves.  Actually, it was more like one proper leaf and four really tiny leaves.  The salad was topped with about 1T of toasted pine nuts.

Dinner was a mixed bag.  It was swordfish with red wine/shallot reductions, pineapple glazed sweet potatoes, and sesame soy sauce baby bok choy.  I ate the fish first, and immediately rated it as a -1.  It was so overcooked that it was tough side to eat.  And it didn’t taste so great that I could overlook the texture.  However, the sweet potatoes and the bok choy was enjoyable enough that I wanted to give the side dishes +1.  Overall, I have to give my dinner zero points.

Score for the day: 4 out of 5.
Total score so far: 10 out of 15.

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