The Fresh Diet, day 6

Breakfast – Asparagus, basil and mozzarella egg bake with pineapples.  There was not nearly enough basil, in my opinion.  The fragrance was there, but it looks like they were crushed into tiny specks.  It’s a shame because I love basil.  Perhaps my slice of egg bake just didn’t end up with enough.  Still, it gets +1 point, because there were no surprises here.

Lunch – Smoked mozzarella salad with whole wheat penne, arugula, roasted bell pepper, and sun-dried tomato pesto.  Another salad for lunch!  But I liked it.  I’m not usually into smoked cheeses, but the smokiness was mellowed out by the brightness of arugula and the sun-dried tomato pesto.  The pesto was more like a vinaigrette.  +1 point because it was really good.  I’m so glad I changed my option from the fish of the day to the salad.

Dinner – Grilled chicken breast with traditional red mole sauce, grilled asparagus, mushroom ragout.  +1 point but it was nothing very special.  This was actually supposed to be my dinner yesterday.  I guess what surprised me that the red mole sauce was almost bland.  It had spicy heat to it, but no strong flavors.  Overall, I think FD does sauces and condiments really well.  The red mole fell short of my expectations.  It wasn’t bad and the veggies were fine, so I won’t give it zero points.

Snack #1 – Smoked salmon mouse with whole wheat crostini.  +1 point.  The only downside was that there was too much smoked salmon spread and not enough bread to spread it on.

Snack #2 – Avocado and cream cheese stuffed baby tomato.  +1 point because I love avocados and tomatoes.  The avocado and cream cheese was fairly fluffy.  I think I would have preferred more avocado in it, but then again I’m the person who will mash avocados on ak-mak crackers and call it breakfast.

Since I didn’t have any dessert with my menu this time, I finished up my meal with a raw peanut butter and chocolate bar that my sister made.  It was really good!  Maybe I’ll get around to making it myself and posting it.

Score for today:  5 out of 5
Total score thus far: 21 out of 29


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