The Fresh Diet, day 7

Almost at the end!  Today was supposed to be my last day, but I still have one little container of food in my fridge.

The Fresh Diet knew that I didn’t have any pending orders in their system.  This morning when I went to pick up my food, I was greeting by a big green FD box instead of the thick insulated bags I had been accustomed to.

(I apologize for the bad lightening in my photos.  It was really cloudy this morning and my kitchen doesn’t have great light sources for photos.)

Breakfast – Pineapple stuffed whole wheat french toast with blueberries and blueberry cottage cheese.  +1 point.  You already know how I feel about healthy french toasts by now, but on the brighter side, it felt like FD heard my maple syrup cries.  This time, a little container was supplied so I was a happier camper than previously.

Breakfast held me over until I had my mid-morning snack, which was the smoked salmon leftovers from yesterday.  I had it with some pita chips.  That, in turn, held me over until lunch.

Lunch?  A “zesty chicken burger with wasabi mayo.”  It was good.  It was really good!  This is something I have to make at home.  Somehow, that is.  I don’t know what was in the “zesty chicken” burger.  There were swirls of green herbs everywhere, but it had been pulverized so much that you couldn’t identify any individual leaf shapes or individual flavors.  I’m thinking that there must have been some parsley in the herbs, but I don’t know what else.  A super taster, I am not.  There was definitely *no* cilantro – I don’t touch cilantro in anything if I can.  Plus I didn’t get a cilantro warning pop-up (since it’s one of my disliked foods).  The wasabi mayo was nice and light but still with that zinging heat-in-your-sinus so characteristic of wasabi.  I can barely call this a mayo because it was much thinner/runnier than a proper mayo.  It didn’t matter though.  This was a great chicken burger.  I need to find myself a copycat recipe.  +1 point, no questions about it.

I chose to finish my lunch with FD’s apricot cheesecake.  It wasn’t very apricot-y, but it was a better cheesecake than I was expecting.  No lie – I thought it was going to taste of super sweet fake sugar.  Thankfully, it tasted mostly like a normal cheesecake.  +1 point.

After work, I nibbled on my snack, chicken skewers with tequila lime glaze.  It looked like naked chicken pieces with a very bare hint of citrus flavor.  +1 point though.  It wasn’t overcooked, much to my surprise, and it was exactly what I needed to tide me over until dinner.

Dinner was roasted pork loin with pineapple mango chutney with honey glazed beets and roasted bell peppers.  +1 point with minor reservations.  I liked everything ok except the pineapple mango chutney.  For the most part, chutneys are foreign to me.  It’s not a Chinese thing to do.  So, I have nothing proper to compare this to.  Notice that I used the word “proper” in that sentence… because the chutney did remind me of something and, for better or for worse, it reminded me of traditional Chinese medicines.  It’s not the flavor I would willing top on my pork, you know?  That doesn’t make it bad though.  I was just slightly weirded out.

Today’s score:  5 out of 5 (nicely done, FD!)
Score thus far:  26 out of 34

I’m wrapping up this series tomorrow!

[Note – my reviews were written at the time of consumption, and then saved into one post throughout the day. I am not getting paid in any way for my review. I paid for the product out of my own pocket to satisfy my curiosity.]


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