Momofuku’s pork bushi aka butabushi

Did you know that David Chang and the Momufuku gang had published a science article on their pork bushi? Yeah, I hadn’t either.

But I found it while researching homemade miso (I’m giving serious consideration to making my own peanut miso).

Here’s the link to the article. It has the outline/recipe, more or less, on how its done.

4 thoughts on “Momofuku’s pork bushi aka butabushi

    • Yes! Barely and peanut miso…

      … however, I haven’t had the guts to try it yet. It’s currently stored in my freezer. lol!

      • Ha! I guess you don’t have a lab like he does to test it to make sure it’s safe. Can you share how you did it? I haven’t really found good instructions

      • I bought raw peanuts and boiled them until they were soft enough to crush. Using the sweet barley miso ratios from The Book of Miso, I mixed up salt, peanuts, and barley koji. This was then packed into a jar, covered with some cling film, weighted down, and topped with my fermentation airlock. My only recommendation right now is to check and see if your hand can fit through the opening of the jar you are using for fermentation. I had some extra miso and packed that into a small jar… however I had a cruddy time of packing it! Mold grew in the air spaces at the bottom of the small jar. Next time, I will keep a muddler or a kraut pounder on hand. You really want to pack it tightly. I didn’t see any mold in the main miso jar and it smelled fine. So it should be ok. I just haven’t taken the plunge to tasting it yet. (^_^)

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