OXO mini beakers

I can’t lie…

When I got an email from OXO asking if I wanted to try out their mini-beakers, I said yes without hesitation. Why? I love beakers. It’s silly, I know, but I think it’s the residual effects of being a chemistry student back in my college days. I even have a set of beakers on my Amazon wishlist, which no one has bothered to take seriously. (I will have to take matters in my own hands in the near future.)



The mini-beakers? They are cute.  It’s the most unhelpful comment I can make, but it was my first and foremost reaction.  On the helpful side of things, the two larger beakers have ounces on one side and mL on the other side.  The blue beaker, which is the second to smallest, has tablespoons on one side and mL on the other.  The smallest has teaspoons on one side and mL on the other.



I see them being handy if I want to work on a recipe that’s in Japanese measurements** or if I’m halving a recipe and need to measure in smaller quantities.

Unexpectedly, with the mini-beakers, OXO sent me an orange Good Cookie spatula.  It serves as a reminder to help kids for cancer.  50% of spatula profits earned go directly to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.  You can also become involved by hosting a bake sale or buying cookies directly from Good Cookies website (100% of the cookie profits fund pediatric cancer research).  Here’s the link to get involved!



** = The Japanese equivalent of the tablespoon, called osaji, is 15mL.  The equivalent of the teaspoon is kosaji, which is 5mL.  Osaji literally means big spoon; kosaji means small spoon.

The mini-beakers were sent to my by OXO for free.  I’m not being paid in anyway for posting this review.  I just really like beakers.


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