Things I cooked and ate this week, 2/23/13

I spoiled myself last weekend and bought another Blue Apron box. The menu was cod with fingerling potatoes and radishes in a tamarind butter sauce, fennel rubbed pork with grapefruit segments and black rice, and chicken and soba noodles in a peanut sauce. The pork was my favorite. The cod was good but could have been better. That’s my fault though. I didn’t brown the butter enough. (Note to others – Do not brown butter in a dark colored pan! It’s really hard to tell when it’s done!) The chicken was ok. I’m not a peanut sauce fan (I wonder how an almond butter sauce would do), and I thought there was not enough sauce for the amount of noodles provided.

Having said that though, I was still really happy with my Blue Apron box. There’s nothing wrong with splurging $60 on myself from time to time.

There’s no picture of the cod because I had cooked it late in the evening.



(Don’t worry, there’s more chicken hiding in that bowl. lol!)


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