Staycation, day 2 (Fugu food truck)

Today, my lunch destination was the Fugu food truck.

I’ve been wanting to eat here ever since I saw their website… I might have to admit a serious interest in anything-steamed-buns.  (^_^)

Also?  I work in a location and live in a location that doesn’t have food trucks at all.  So, I feel very inclined to explore the food truck culture in Boston while I have the opportunity, especially on a gorgeous summer day like today.  (The cold air from yesterday?  Completely gone!)

First reaction?


Fugu’s steamed buns were not what I was expecting.  The buns themselves were good (but then again, I suspect most places don’t make their own buns and source them from elsewhere).  The filling was not at all what I imagined.  Pork belly is often braised, and  theirs were very soft… but I think I wanted something like a quick sear on the pork.  A bit of crunch would have given it a nice contrast in texture with the fat.  The part that I was really nitpicking over the most was the sauce.  I don’t know why, but it tasted like it came out of a jar to me.  It’s probably just a personal taste preference thing… that or my taste buds are seriously spoiled by the steamed buns at Basho (which are pretty stellar, by the way).

No worries, though.


My sister got the cold noodles with  peanut  sauce and spicy chicken.  She liked it just fine.  The noodles were chewy, and she got her chicken without the spicy.  You can have pork instead of chicken, and you can have a sesame sauce instead of peanut.  For the frequent customer, the flavor combinations make things less boring.


Meanwhile, I got Fugu’s bibimbap with pork.  Unlike most restaurant bibimbaps, pickled radish and kimchi are part of the bowl’s vegetable contents.  (I usually see spinach, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and/or bracken fern stems in bibimbap.)  Eggs are traditional, but I’ve never gotten a hard-boiled egg on mine.  I’m sure that’s more a point of practicality since Fugu is just a small food truck.  I… might have smothered my egg in some sauce because I don’t like hard boiled eggs.  lol!

In general, portions and prices are fair.  The buns were $6; the noodles were $7; and the bibimbap was $8.  Some items can be made vegetarian, and you can buy French macaroons for dessert.  Too bad I don’t like French macaroons much.  Am I the only person who thinks they are over-hyped?

Tomorrow, I think we’re looking for the Mei Mei truck.

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