Staycation, day 4 (Mei Mei Street Kitchen)

We found it this time!  Mei Mei Street Kitchen is now under our food truck belts.

The menu offering is on the small side, compared to yesterday’s trip to Momogoose.  After much discussion, this is what we ordered:


I got the barley salad with honey miso vinaigrette, scallions, cranberries, and peanut brittle.  (Mei Mei was able to accomodate my request for no cilantro.)

My sister got the Double Awesome which is a scallion pancake sandwich with cheddar and slow poached eggs.


And then we both got drinks.


The one on the left is the Haymaker’s Punch.  If I remember correctly, it had raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey, and cranberry bitters.  The one on the right is the Woodman’s Refresher which is milk sweetened with maple syrup.

We both liked the barley salad.  I think it was a little overdressed with the vinaigrette.  I couldn’t tell it was honey and miso at the time.  I could only tell that there were some sweet and sour flavors going on.  The part that I liked best was the peanut brittle.  It kept the barley salad from tasting too healthy.  The crunchy texture also helped offset the amount of dressing that was used.

The Double Awesome is good.  It’s extremely messy, but it’s good.  Is it awesome?  Is it doubly awesome?  Hmmm, no.  Maybe I just didn’t eat enough of it, but it wasn’t something that I felt like OMG MUST HAVE MORE!  But yeah, have extra napkins on hand.  The egg bursted and leaked out of the box, and onto my sister’s bag and clothes.

Both drinks were good!  The punch is tart in a lovely “definitely homemade” kind of way.  The refresher was sweet but that wasn’t a bad thing.  Well, not a bad thing for me.  I’m not so sure my sister cared much for it.  The maple flavor shines through nicely, not too strong and not too weak.  And yes, it was very refreshing.  (^_^)

Overall, Mei Mei Street Kitchen is another solid food truck to order from.  The drinks were my favorite part of the lunch.  Food-wise, I think I liked Momogoose just a little bit more.  I don’t know, maybe it was the larger menu options.  Also, portions at Mei Mei were smaller.  Not much of an issue for the Double Awesome, which is a heavy kind of sandwich, but I was still a bit hungry after my salad.  Then again, the salad is the cheapest lunch I’ve had all week so I guess I got what I paid for.

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