Staycation, day 5 (Genki-Ya)

Well, it rained yesterday.  It rained on my last official day of my staycation.  And I don’t mean that it was drizzling or it was raining moderately.  I mean that it was raining heavily all afternoon.  So, there was no final food truck hurrah for me or my sister.

That’s ok.  I had a good back up plan!

… Or so I thought.  We walked in the heavy rain from South Station to Shōjō.  Shōjō is a new-ish Asian fusion restaurant in Chinatown that has been getting some pretty good reviews.  And their website says that they are open for lunch on weekdays from 11am to 3pm.

Can you see where I’m going here?

Well!  Imagine the surprise on my face when we get there and they were closed.  A “we’re closed due to blahblahblah” sign would have been nice!  I felt like such a loser!

Apparently, this was posted on their Facebook page on Thursday night:

As a reminder, we will be closed tonight in celebration of our 1 year anniversary! We will resume normal business hours tomorrow Friday Aug 9th. Thank you all for supporting us through our first year!

And then this was posted on Friday:

We will be closed for lunch today, will be open for normal dinner service tonight starting at 5:30 pm.
We will be launching new lunch menu starting Monday!

DAMMIT!  Not everyone in the world is subscribed to your Facebook page, Shōjō!

So, we stood there, in front of Shōjō and in the heavy rain, trying to decide what to do.  My poor sister was hungry and I was going to have an angry sister on my hands if I didn’t act fast.  Luckily, I remembered that one of my sister’s backup suggestions was Genki-Ya, a sushi restaurant about three blocks away… Even better by the fact that I remembered where it was.  (When it’s raining badly, three blocks feels like it’s a world away.)


But, yay!  Genki-ya was open!

We ordered more than necessary because I wanted to try their cooked food in addition to their sushi.  (Dont’ worry, I took home my leftovers.  I try to not be wasteful.)

Our lunches came with salad and miso soup…



… and the dressing on the salad was quite nice!  I think it was a miso dressing.  Is it just me or do you also think that restaurants tend to be right on the mark or totally off the mark with miso dressing?  There’s no in-between.

We shared an order of spicy salmon maki…


and an order of unagi-avocado maki.


Both were very nicely done.  Maki-wise, Genki-Ya was on par with my favorite sushi place.

Then, I had the pork katsu-don.


*sigh*  My pork was slightly overcooked.  I should stop ordering pork katsu-don because I feel like no one is making the cutlet right anymore.  My rice bowl came with a few slices of pickled radish, marinated shiitake, and some glass noodles over the rice.  I would have preferred a few more veggies, but it was fine overall.  I was only sad about my cutlet.

My sister got the Yaki Udon, not spicy.


She got more veggies than I did: broccoli, red bell pepper, mushrooms, and asparagus.  It was a good, solid stir-fry dish.

I think we can safely say that we were satisfied with Genki-Ya.  We’re already wondering if we should take some friends here.  Well, it doesn’t have to be the Theater District location.  Genki-Ya has four locations total.  And they are all probably bigger than my favorite sushi spot (which I will not name because it’s small and it’s hard to get seats as it is!) so Genki-Ya will be a great alternative.

And there!  My staycation is over!  Ok, technically it ended with dinner at Bertucci’s with a friend, but Bertucci’s isn’t terribly interesting.  It’s a chain Italian restaurant, and I only picked it out because the friend I was dining with is terribly picky.  Picking out a place for us to eat is my version of mild torture.  I inevitably give up and pick some place boring.


Reference Links: (maybe next time)

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