Staycation addendum (Boston Olive Oil Company)

Bonus pictures!

I have a new favorite place.




came home with me.

The maple one is HOLY COW delicious.  It’s really maple-y.  I tasted this vinegar a couple of weeks ago, and tried to fake it with maple syrup and balsamic vinegar.  It’s not the same.  So, I made my sister come with me so that I could buy a bottle.

And the pumpkin spice one is not like pie in a bottle.  It’s much lighter with hints of pumpkin friendly spices.  It works better as an everyday vinegar for vinaigrettes and, as recommended, for baking with squash.  So, I’m definitely going to try that when September rolls in.  (I couldn’t resist buying it; the bottle was on sale.)

My sister also became a fan of the store.  She walked away with a mild extra virgin olive oil and the jalapeño balsamic vinegar.  The jalapeño balsamic vinegar?  I’m a fan of that one too.  It’s not spicy but there is a sort of kick to it and a very mild flavor.

The store also has some awesome flavored olive oils, and everyone who works there has been very friendly.

Not all of their products are listed on their website, so I highly recommend making a trip to the store if you’re in the neighborhood!

I really love this place right now.  (^_^)

Reference link:






… And totally unrelated, but at my cousin’s request.  Pictures of sushi from our favorite sushi place (which I’m still not naming!)…



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