Let’s Talk About Food, 2013

(This post is being published later than I had intended.  Sorry!)

I went to the second Let’s Talk About Food festival last weekend.  This year, the festival was located in Copley Square.



(I bet you didn’t know why iceberg lettuce is called iceberg.)


Mahoney’s had container gardens all around one side of the festival.  It gives me hope that I can grow vegetables where I live.  One of the Mahoney’s assistants said that it was ok to cram vegetables in there as long as there was enough sunlight.  Unfortunately, the amount of sunlight (just like amount of space) is an issue at my apartment.

Going around the vendor booths was fun.

One of my favorite booths was the Asulia/Youth Trade’s booth for Kale, Chickpea, or Taro dumplings.  I got to try the kale and chickpea versions of their dumplings.  (Of the two, kale was the favorite.)  Overall, the products were tasty and made from non-scary ingredients.  Meanwhile, Moo Milk was giving out chocolate chip cookies and milk.  Vermont Creamery was handing out cultured butter and goat cheese samples.  Whole Foods (who was one of the major sponsors) was giving out apples and small tote bags, while the Boston Globe (the other major sponsor) was handing out little spatulas.  Other vendors were Crunch Cookies, Illy Coffee, edible Boston, and Ripe Beverages.

My favorite presentation of the day was easily  Gil Hovav and Michael Leviton (Lumiere) doing a shashuka demo.  (below)



Gil’s basic shashuka recipe is a variety of peppers (sweet and spicy) cooked in a pan, then flavored with minced garlic.  To this add canned crushed tomatoes and toasted caraway seeds that have been pulverized.  When you’re ready to add the eggs,  separate them first.  Add the whites first since they take longer to cook, and then add the yolks to the pan.  Ideally, you want whites that are poached in the liquid but the yolks should still be runny.  Garnish with za’tar and serve with pita.

The Cooking for Geeks presentation was actually about trying to cook the perfect burger. (below)


I also sat in the Fermentation demo with Jeremy Ogusky and Geoff Lukas (Sofra).  I kind of wish it was more informational.  It was all very, very basic stuff.  However, I am curious about fermented kohlrabi which was the “demo recipe.” (below)


Unfortunately, I missed most of Mary Dumot (Harvest) and Maria Speck’s (author of Ancient Grains) presentation.  I did a cooking class with Mary Dumot once, and I loved her style.  For the demo, I only know that she made some kind of gnocchi.



There were a few food trucks on hand for lunch.  There was a Chipotle truck, a frozen yogurt truck, the Kickass cupcakes truck, and the Bon Me truck.


I ate a miso pulled pork sandwich (sans cilantro) with pickled daikon and carrots from Bon Me.  It was delicious.  I also tried their Thai Basil Limeade.  It wasn’t quite the flavor I wanted, but it was very refreshing for the a very warm and sunny afternoon. (I thought was going to be cold and cloudy!)

Oh, there was also the Fresh Truck!  I love purpose of the Fresh Truck – a mobile healthy food market for the urban environment.

My one complaint was that this year’s demos were split among two locations.  There were demos and cookbook signings happening inside Trinity Church, and I had to choose what I wanted to do.  The inside demos didn’t have much by way of descriptions on the schedule, so I took a risk and skipped them all.

In hindsight, I got so hot from the sunshine that I wish I had skipped most of the outside demos and watched the inside demos.

I skipped the conversation stuff like the Endless Table area, ask a nutritionist, ask a chef, etc.  But I did listen to a little girl play on one of the Play Me, I’m Yours pianos.  (^_^)


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