How do you feel about cooking with ghee?

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to cook with organic, grassfed ghee from Pure Indian Foods as well as their cultured organic, grassfed ghee.  (Yes, this is yet-another blog post that is sitting on my to-do-list.)

I love it.  It’s not cheap, but they last a long time.  I’ve had oil go rancid on me and it’s a very cruddy moment when you have to chuck it in the trash.

My mom recently cooked with some of my ghee, and then asked for a jar for herself.  I picked up Swad ghee based on the recommendation of the BFF (who is Indian and therefore I value her opinion on the subject).  I’m curious how it will taste.  Pure Indian Foods is twice as expensive, but it’s really lovely stuff.  

Yes, I could make my own ghee, but I’m lazy to be honest.  Maybe if I come across a sale on grassfed butter then I’ll do it.

At least I have plenty of time to think about it.  I only just opened my jar of the cultured ghee.

Any readers have thoughts on this?


3 thoughts on “How do you feel about cooking with ghee?

  1. I’ve cooked with ghee and like it…probably should do it more often since, as you say, it’s a challenge to go through an entire bottle of olive oil before it goes bad. Not sure if it would work well with everything that is usually cooked with oil though.

    • So far, I haven’t had any flavor problems cooking with it.

      I guess I should cook with it more! 🙂

      Or, we can have Mom cook with it more and see how we feel about it. lol!

  2. Very late, but this is a topic I care about, so …. Having lived on three separate continents and tried more store bought brands of ghee than I can count, I promise you, NOTHING compares with ghee that you make yourself. Back in India, my mom churns her own butter and then makes ghee out of it, so thats an impossible benchmark for me, but outside India, I just pick up any good organic unsalted butter and reduce it to ghee,

    Here’s a tip that makes this process so much simpler… Make ghee using a glass stove-top pan. I use the Visions Glass Cookware set (available on amazon) and it eliminates the guess work on when to turn the stove off. Dump butter into pan, reduce flame to low once it starts boiling and wait for the bubbling to slow down slightly. The ghee is done when you can see through to the flame and burner under the pan. Take it off heat, let it cool a few minutes, pass thru strainer into a glass jar and you have yourself a few months’ worth golden ghee. Once you get used to making it with smaller packs, you can make it in bulk and stick it in the freezer. Just pull out a couple weeks’ worth at a time, and it will go a long long time!

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