veggie CSA, no. 5, 2011

Last week’s share:
Salad Mix 0.5lb (split between me and my sister)
Cabbage 1 (me)
Basil 1 bunch (me)
Chard 1 bunch (my sister)
Snap peas (pint) 1 (me)

This week’s share:
Lettuce (head) 1 (my sister)
Carrots (bunch)  1 (me, only because my sister had just purchased carrots)
Basil (bunch) 1 (me)
Cukes (lb) 1 (4 small cucumbers, I took 3)
snap peas (me)
new potatoes (my sister)

I’ve learned that my sister doesn’t like snap peas.  As for the basil, I’ve been getting them because my sister doesn’t think she’ll use it fast enough and she has no place to store it.  Basil cuttings prefer being kept in a container of water, instead of being stored in the fridge.  Our CSA cuttings are really short because they are prunings really, which makes it hard to put in water.  Basil leaves don’t like sitting in water.  They will wither or get blotchy.  Right now, I have some with a longer stem in a used soda bottle.  For my short ones, I’m trying out using an ice cube tray as a plant container.  I have water in every other cube so that the basil leaves can fan out without getting wet (hopefully).  So long as I don’t kill them, my sister can grab some whenever she wants.  Or if too many of them grow roots, out into some dirt in the yard they will go. 

Meal-wise, I haven’t done anything interesting with my CSA so far.  I’ve been enjoying it prepared as simple as possible.  (My only failure so far is letting arugula go to waste.  At least, I think that’s my only CSA “d’oh! moment” so far.)  I boiled my beets from a couple of weeks ago.  From last week, I ate the salad mix straight up.  The cabbage is still in the fridge and looking ok, while the snap peas were boiled for a few minutes and then eaten along side some pasta.

I’m trying to decide what to do with my carrots (I must cook them as I am allergic to raw carrots).  Some recipes under consideration are: need to cook carrots before blending)  
or pickled carrots?

But now I’m thinking about making a soup with the carrots and the cabbage.  Maybe with thyme and white wine?  I do have some old white wine in my fridge.  Hmmm…