Chocolate Fest at the Red House

First, I want to apologize for the lack of images.  I forgot my camera when I was leaving for work.  D:

Very recently, my sister sent me an email about Chocolate Fest in Harvard Square and which places were participating.  (Oh, chocolate!  My one true love!)  This very quickly resulted in a table for six, under my name, at The Red House the other night.

Here’s the Chocolate Fest 2013 menu:

start with…
a choice of

pulled pork & monterey jack enchilada
with molé  sauce & jicama coleslaw

spinach salad
with Swiss bresaola, shaved white chocolate & raspberry vinaigrette


short ribs of beef
braised with mild Oaxacan cocoa & smoked chilies

roasted duck breast
with dried cherry molé sauce

finish with…

chocolate pecan bread pudding
with homemade whipped cream

fresh fruit chocolate fondue
with strawberries, pineapple & mango

chocolate espresso panna cotta
with chocolate covered espresso beans

There were also two drinks on the chocolate menu – one was red wine mixed with chocolate or cocoa (I can’t remember which), and the other was labeled Cafe Mole, maybe?  It was a cocktail with Patron XO Cafe, Bailey’s, something else, and chipotle simple syrup.  I had the spinach salad, the beef short ribs, and the fondue.  My sister had the enchilada, the duck, and the panna cotta.  A couple of people at my table got the bread pudding for dessert.  I got to taste everything because that’s how my friends and family and I are.

Most of the table thought that the enchilada was the winning appetizer, but I actually preferred the salad.  White chocolate on salad sounds weird, but there’s wasn’t too much of it.  I don’t really know how to explain the flavor combination, but the best I can do is to say that the chocolate smoothed out the flavors of the raspberries and the spinach.  I really liked it, and it seems doable to replicate at home.  (haha, I will need to research for a good raspberry vinaigrette recipe though!)

Both entrees on the chocolate menu were delicious.  I can’t remember what veggies came with the duck, but the short ribs were served with broccoli and mashed potatoes.  The short ribs were easy to shred with my fork, and the sauce was pleasantly spiced.  The smoked chiles definitely added heat, but not too much.  It was good for someone like me who has fairly low tolerance for spicy foods, but I think for someone who likes spicy foods it would not be detectable enough.

As for dessert, I didn’t get any mango pieces.  It was two strawberries, four pineapple pieces, and small cup of warm chocolate sauce.  I purposely picked a light dessert, which was a wise decision on my part.  I was so full by the time I was done with my entree, I couldn’t even finish the mashed potatoes.  But I did learn something, it is not the size of your dessert that matters, it is the awesomeness of your chocolate sauce.  (^_~)

The bread pudding and the panna cotta were good too.  The panna cotta interested me the least because I’m not into espresso.  The bread pudding was as excellent as their New Year’s Eve version but not as heavy.  I’m not sure what type of bread they use but it was very fluffy, and lighter than panettone.

After another awesome event dinner at the Red House, my friends and I have vowed to come here for a normal dinner some time in the near future.  Dear readers, I hope you will too.  And if you don’t know what to order for dessert, the bread pudding is always a safe and happy bet.  (^_^)