…Or not…


I got all excited.  My first Blue Apron delivery was dated today.  For anyone who needs more details, Blue Apron is a online vendor that offers grocery delivery centered on healthy cooking and cooking experimentation.  A one-week subscription gives you all the ingredients you need for three meals (two servings each) and recipe cards for the meals.  The meals seem to be fairly well balanced by the look of their past recipe cookbook, and I think each serving is under 700 calories for those who are counting.

Do you see where this conversation is going?

I came home to nothing.  Not-a-thing.  And I checked again as I started to get ready for bed, on the barest hope that maybe I had come home too early and my box had been delivered late.  Still, zilch.

Ugh.  I sent Blue Apron an email just a few minutes ago.  Hopefully, it can be resolved in a quick and friendly manner.

I’m more upset that this means I have nothing for dinner tomorrow or Friday.  (I was lucky and had just enough backup food for dinner tonight.)  And I was really looking forward to cooking something new and fresh.  Instead, I get to go to bed with a disappointed tummy.

**EDIT – Blue Apron emailed me the FedEx tracking number.  The delay lies with FedEx.  I have a suspicion that I’m not getting it today (1/10/13) either.  ARGH.**