this is not a food post?

Well, technically it’s not.

Yesterday, I finally got around to planting some seeds. I’m starting with:
a mirco green mix
bak choy

Yes, I’m a little late to start. I’ve either been busy and away from the house or it’s been raining. Better a little late than a lot late, or even worse never.

Perhaps next weekend, I think I’ll start the seeds for zucchini. Then in June, I’ll start the seeds for kale.

Trying to grow an edible garden is completely foreign to me. Gardening in general just isn’t my thing but having fresh produce is extremely appealing.

I’m going for a container garden right now, in case anyone was wondering. If I don’t completely fail at it, I might step up for a raised bed next year.

Photos to come when I start to see something growing!

P.S.  I found another nice link with a table of “what’s in season”.  I think this one is a little easier to read.

Wish me luck!

Growing up, my mother had a vegetable garden every year. I don’t even remember what was in it beside scallions, Chinese chives, and Chinese fuzzy melon. I remember a rather pathetic, tiny patch of strawberries – an experiment that never worked out but even though neglected never died out. I think the fuzzy melon was my favorite. My mother had repurposed the swing set that my siblings had in their childhood into a weird trellis for the melon patch.

When I was in high school though, my mother was no longer a stay-at-home mom. Money was tight and the vegetable garden was barely touched. (We had a flower garden too, but it had a lot of perennials so it didn’t need much care to still look good.)

I never liked being in the garden. Quite honestly, I don’t like being in direct sun in general. However, being a food nerd is making me realize that I need to try my hand at gardening. Constantly buying herbs is quite expensive and, despite living in a fairly diverse area, some ingredients are hard to come by. Starting this year, I am going to make every effort to have an edible garden. I’ve got my seeds and I’m starting the planning stages. Since I live in New England, I will probably start everything indoors first. I hope to take photos and write little updates on my progress. I will be out of my element, so this is a bit of a crazy experiment on my part. ^_~

Things to be grown?
:: basil
:: parsley
:: rosemary
:: mint
:: thyme
:: shiso (aka perilla)
:: tuscan kale
:: zucchini
:: mizuna