The Table at Season to Taste, restaurant/catering review

I had an amazing and lovely dinner recently.

I was invited to a nine course dinner in North Cambridge at Season to Taste catering.  The catering company has a large table with chairs set up in the front part of the store to allow for dine-in guests (max number of guests is 12; min number is 8) – reservations and a deposit are required to sit at “The Table.”

The Table at Season to Taste espouses a locavore menu.  Our dishes were beautifully prepared by Chef Paul Trombly based on our food preferences, the season, and what ingredients were available from local farms.

Here’s a picture of the menu my dinner party found on the table when we entered:


Since some readers might find the image hard to read, here are the dishes retyped:

English pea veloute, yogurt panna cotta, trout roe
Scallop, uni butter, watercress, nori
Spring dug parsnips, fiddleheads, oyster mushrooms, sunchokes, speck
Spinach “pakora”, cauliflower, fennel, beets
Soft shell crab, spring succotash, lobster cream, micro greens
Duck, foie gras ravioli, consomme, snap peas, breakfast radish
Beef, chimichurri, pommes puree, red onion jam
Bonne bouch, blueberry jam, crisps
White chocolate, strawberry sorbet, basil ice cream, creme fraiche

Not on the menu was a clam with truffle oil (I think) and a piece of stuffed zucchini – our amuse bouche plate.

Some of the wines were different than what was printed on the menu.  The ones I know were served were:

Domaine J. Laurens Cremant De Limoux “La Rose No 7” NV, La Digne D’aval, France
Domaine Des Grandes Perries, Sancerre 2011, Sury-En-VAux, France
Mystic Saison, Chelsea, MA (this is actually a beer)

All of the wines were introduced /explained to us by Assistant General Manager George, who was also serving us our dinner.


I was really impressed by the trout roe.  It was very unexpected!  The pairing with the pea soup and the yogurt panna cotta was sublime.  The scallop was perfectly seared (something I still can’t do well), and the duck was crispy but not overcooked.  The consomme (made of duck and chorizo – yum!) was poured into our bowls at the time of serving which kept the texture perfect.  I thought the pakora was addictive.  It wasn’t a real pakora, but it had the Indian flavors and it was extremely soft and tender inside.  I loved putting bits of red onion jam on the beef, and was sad when it was all gone.  The cheese plate (the bonne bouche) was a goat cheese from Vermont which everyone seemed to enjoy.



The dessert course was my other favorite plate of the night.  The basil ice cream was just “wow”… so much so that I’m tempted to make some this weekend.  I don’t really remember where the white chocolate was.  I *think* it was smeared on the left side of my plate.  There was a sort of small cake-like thing under the ice cream that, flavor-wise, took a back seat to the rest of the plate but it was another great pairing.  (I suppose I shouldn’t call it a cake-like thing.  Cakelet?  It kind of reminded me of a baked pancake than cake, to be honest.  Maybe it had white chocolate in it as well?)  And the atmosphere of The Table is cozy enough that if one of the guests, who is a former pastry chef, decides to help the chef shape the ice cream into quinelles, it’s definitely ok.

If there is any downside to eating at The Table, then it’s the bill at the end of the night.  The six course dinner is $100 without tax, tip, and drink.  The nine course is $125.  Our table had opted for the wine pairing, so that’s nine glasses of alcohol per person.  And I’m not talking about half-glasses here, The Table was generous when pouring.  Our bill came  close to $250 per person after tax, tip, and drink.  You don’t have to do the wine pairing, though.  You can order a la carte.

I’m just sad that I can’t eat here more often.  I don’t make that much money!  Although, I wish I did.  (^_^)

A huge thank you to George, Paul, and Elana (it might have been Elena – oops?) for a wonderful dinner.


(Yeaaaah… I gave up taking pictures early on.  The lighting was not in my favor, and I didn’t want to be *that* person.)