Meat CSA, month 2

I didn’t order any extras this month, but they were:

red Potatoes $10 per 5 pound bag
Yukon Gold potatoes $12 per 5 pound bag
cured Garlic $7 per half pound bag
Beef burger $4.50 per pound
Beef short ribs $4.50 per pound
Beef crosscut shanks $4.50 per pound
Veal stew meat $4.50 per pound
Veal shanks $5 per pound (cut into 3 pieces with one piece per package)**for Osso Bucco** ***On sale $4 per pound***
Ground veal $4.50 per pound
Fresh pork belly ends (2.4 to 3.7#) $3 per pound-(can be for salt pork)**price reduced**
Fresh belly Skin-on (10.9 & 6.1#) $5 per pound
Hot Italian bulk $5 per pound
Sweet Italian bulk $5 per pound
breakfast sausage $5 per pound
ground pork (no seasons) $4.50 per pound
Pork spare ribs (2 to 3 #) $3 per pound
Fresh jowls $2 per pound
Pigs feet $1 per pound
Pig ears $1 per pound
back fat (5 to 6 lbs) $1 per pound
beef and veal heart $2 per pound
beef liver $2 per pound
pork hearts, livers, and tongues $2 per pound
soup bones (no meat) $1.50 per pound**** beef, pork only****
Beef and veal tongue–$5 per pound
Pork sirloin end chops–$6.50 per pound
Bacon ends and peices (regular cure only) $6 per pound
Nitrate free bacon ends and pieces $6.50 per pound

Linked sausages:priced at $6.50 per package (approx 1# pkgs)
Fresh Kielbasa rope (not cured)
Hot Italian
American breakfast ingredients: pork, salt, white pepper, sugar, and sage
Veal Hot Italian
Veal Garlic and Parmesan
Veal fresh Kielbasa
Veal sweet Italian

Pork boneless sirloin end roasts (1 to 1.7#) $6.50 per pound
Pork loin roast (2.6 to 6.9 lbs) $7.50 per pound *** sale $6 per pound***
Pork sirloin end roast (4.1 to 5.8#) $6.50 per pound***sale $5.50 per pound***
Cured ham end roasts (4# to 5.6 #) $7 per pound ***sale $5 per pound***
Boneless half ham roasts (6.2 to 6.8#) $7.50 per pound***sale $6 per pound***
bone-in picnic roasts (4.1 to 5.6#) $6 per pound***sale $4 per pound***
Half pork butt roasts (3 to 5.5 lbs) $6.50 per pound****sale $5.50 per pound***
fresh boneless picnic roasts (3.7 to 5.1 lbs) $6.50 per pound ***Sale $5.50 per pound***
Beef bottom round roasts (1.6 to 2.8#) $6.00 per pound
Beef brisket (2.9 to 3.9#) $6.50 per pound
Beef eye of the round roast (1 to 1.5#) $6 per pound

Lamb liver, kidneys, and tongues—$1 per pound

2 to 4.7 lbs $4.50 per pound***Sale***This is the last month for this price.

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup:
$12 per pint
$22 per quart
$32 per half gallon
$54 per gallon

Natural Vermont wildflower honey from local West Meadow Farm
8 oz $4.75
12 oz squeeze bear $6.75
16 oz $8.75
32 oz $16.50

Claires Country Garden Jellies and Jams (all 9 oz jars) $8 each more information at
Jalapeno Jam
Raspberry Jam

Pickles are 16oz each at $8 each
Sweet pickle relish
Dill spears
Hot Damn Dill
Dilly beans –cut
Bread and Butter

YeeYee’s Pickles 12 oz each at $6 each
Pickled beets

As for the CSA itself, we got mostly ground beef, steaks, pork country style ribs, and pork chops this time.  I picked out a pork shoulder, a porterhouse steak, and a T-bone steak for myself.  I was excited to have the pork shoulder – the ones in the markets tend to be huge.  The one in the CSA box was about 3.5 lbs.  I was also hoping to find a brisket this month but it was not meant to be.

On the bright side, I think pulled pork will be on the menu this weekend.  (^_^)

meat CSA, 2012, month 1 of 4

Holy cow! (no pun intended) 20 pounds of meat is much more than either I or my neighbor realized. Only about a quarter of the share is for me. Most of it is for the neighbor as I believe he’s transitioned to a paleo diet.

I kept 1lb ground pork, 1lb ground beef, 1 lb bacon, a flank steak, a couple of pork chops, and a porterhouse steak.

M* also got the ground meats and a porterhouse, but he also got pork ribs, (beef?) top round, (beef?) bottom round, butt flaps (I think), pork breakfast sausage (not in casing)… and a whole bunch of other things I’m forgetting.

I need a larger cooler for the drop offs. The box of meats was the same size as the cooler. The delivery person put the box of meats on its side into the cooler, precariously leaned the ice packs on the side and loosely put the cover on.

It wasn’t a problem though. Everything was still perfectly cold and frozen by the time we both came home. But for my own sanity, I think I should invest in a larger cooler (which I’ve been meaning to regardless).

I bought extras for my siblings. One asked for chicken and one bulb of uncured garlic. Another asked for a pint of Vermont maple syrup (grade B – I’m envious, I prefer grade B!) which I’ll drop off tomorrow.

I’m very excited. I’m plotting things to do as I write this. The only problem is what should I decide on. (^_^)