Modesty forbids

Mikan-san won’t mention that she made an awesome homemade bread so I will: Mikan-san, your bread was MOST EXCELLENT. Thank you for the sample. I om-nom-nom-ed it with great gusto.

Also, Awesomesaucers and attendees. Equinox party. I have no clue what I’m making as I don’t know what anyone else is making, and since no one knows what else they’re making, no one can decide… vicious circle!

So my question is this: does anyone know what ingredients they’re using or what kind of dish it will be –e.g. main course or dessert? I gotta tell you, anything I make for this event will be something totally new to me, so this is all uncharted territory. I feel a little “safer” doing a dessert but I don’t want to have the dinner be dessert-heavy if everyone else is doing a dessert too.


(Also, so we’re all on the same page, “tropical” means, I’m assuming, any of the following: coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, mango…? Anything else?)


Maple syrup

Oh yea, and because I can:

Don’t know if you guys saw the article on local maple syrup on, but because I’m one of those people, I realized the syrup farm and the stores that sell their syrup aren’t that far from my destination on Saturday. I’m going to get a (small!) bottle for myself and I think Plumduff wants one too. Anyone else interested?

They are really, really small bottles:

Maple Syrup

— but if the syrup’s as good as I’m hoping, there may just be pancakes in our future.