Harvard SEAS lecture, 9/10/2012, with Joan Roca, Jordi Roca, and Salvador Brugues

You’ll be so proud of me… I have pictures from the lecture for the first time ever!

(Jordi Roca on the left; Joan Roca on the right; demonstration for sous-vide sole)

I didn’t see Joan Roca last year because I saw him during the Year 1 lecture.  This year, Joan brought his younger brother with him.  I couldn’t resist going since Jordi is the pastry/dessert chef at El Celler de Can Roca (the restaurant that the two brothers own with their third brother).

Opening remarks were from David, and the theme of the week was “Energy, Temperature, Heat”.  In the opening remarks, David demonstrated the effectiveness of whisky rocks… which is to say that he took rocks from Harvard Yard, stuck them in a freezer, and then dumped them into water with a thermometer. The water never got below 17C.  Then, he demonstrated the cooling effectiveness of ice in liquid.  Yes, ice melts and dilutes your liquid, but the this phase change is what makes ice so effective in cooling your liquid.  Measured temperatures were about -2C.

Long story short – whisky rocks don’t work that well. Continue reading