How did I not know of this until now?

My state as a grain CSA?

Crop examples are:

  • “Red Lammas” hard red winter wheat (heirloom)
  • “Redeemer” winter wheat
  • Oats
  • Spelt
  • Rye
  • Emmer (Known as Farro in Italy)
  • Barley
  • “Nothstine Dent” Corn
  • “Plymouth Flint” Corn
  • Black Turtle Beans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Winter Rye
  • “Tom Thumb”Popcorn
  • Triticale

WHAT?  I read thekitchn all the time and only noticed this eight months later?  Could I do this?  I’d need a way to get to Natick, seeing as I don’t have a car of my own right now.  Granted, pick up is once a year (or so it seems), but this sounds so amazing.  Spelt?  Emmer?  I want this!

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veggie CSA, no. 1, 2012

This year, my sister and I are trying a full-sized share with Brookfield Farm. My sister’s roommate is also splitting the share with us.

Our first pick up was tonight. According to Brookfield Farm, what we got was:

Lettuce: Our spring harvest of head lettuce has begun. We aim for fresh lettuce from now until November.

Braising Mix: A mix of delicious greens which are perfect for quick cooking. This mix may include the following: red kale, mizuna (mild spiky leaf), and red mustard (purple and spicy).

Komatsuna: Every week we plan on having a big cooking green available for your share. This week, we’ll start out with this large-leaf bok-choy type which is great for stir-frys.

Arugula: We keep this peppery green separate so that you can decide what to do with it! It’s great either raw (chopped into the salad) or cooked (loses some of it’s tang). The first crop is beautiful with many more (9) to come!

“French Breakfast” Radish: Red radishes with delicate white tips. Try them for breakfast (like the French), cut up in a salad, or get creative.

Spinach: What? Really? Spinach? Yes!! This crop always has a tough time at our farm, but this year we have one great bed which should make for nice salads this week! Fresh cut and delicious!

I took the spinach, one head of green lettuce, and 1/3 of the mix.  My sister took the komatsuna, 1/3 of the mix, and I think the arugula.  M* took the radishes, 1/3 of the mix, and I think the red lettuce.

I think I’ll probably stir-fry the mixed greens.  Half of my spinach has already been wilted and then cooked with eggs and scallions.  My green lettuce might get stir-fried as well.  I haven’t decided yet.