What’s worse: Garlic hands or cilantro hands?

(Mikan-san, I already know your answer.)

In yet another “what do I do with all this?” dilemma, today I found myself with a bunch of cilantro. Even though Mikan detests the very concept of cilantro, she made a very handy suggestion of trying out a cilantro pesto.

Now I’m a huge fan of basil pesto and I’m a huge fan of cilantro—but I wasn’t too sure that ever the twain should meet.

Tomatoes stuffed with cilantro pesto

I ate the pesto plain on linguini, and I have to say it packs a delightful punch. To me a good basil pesto is the hallmark of late summer, as that’s when my herb garden basil is at its peak, but since I can’t easily grow cilantro up here in Boston (or can I?), I can definitely see me eating cilantro pesto any time of the year I like! (Sorry Mikan-san!)

Just for fun, I decided to take some of Plumduff’s beautiful garden-grown bell tomatoes, hollow them out a bit, and stuff some of the pesto inside. It makes for a cute presentation, that’s for sure. Not to mention you can toss some of these pesto-stuffed tomatoes in your mouth or on your pasta and it’s all very neatly compartmentalized.

I need to take a plating class or something as these still don’t look as neat and pretty as I’d hoped they would. But they sure did taste good!