Zukay Kvass

Disclaimer:  I’m not getting paid for this review in any way.  I won some in a giveaway and I thought it would be fun to take photos.  And then I thought that if I were going to go through the trouble of taking pictures, then I might as well review.
I don’t know how to write reviews for a product that I both love and hate.  This is probably not the way to start a post, but there you go.  I am not the world’s greatest writer.

What do I like about Zukay kvass?  I like that it comes in different flavors.  I like that it’s a fermented drink.  I like fermented things!… even though I’m generally too lazy to ferment anything on a regular basis that’s not kimchi or bread.  Probiotics are good for you.  Natural, organic foods are good for you.  There is nothing to dislike about these drinks!  I even like the official website (I’m a nerd that way).

The one and only one thing that is keeping me from diving off the deep end into full-fangirl mode is that Zukay kvass are gently sweetened with stevia.  Even though it’s raw and unprocessed stevia, it still has that fake-sugar sweetness that is not my thing.  I’m not suggesting that I’m a sugar fiend.  I just have trouble with the flavor of many sugar substitutes.

I wish there were a choice of different sweeteners in the products, but that’s my only gripe.  I highly recommend Zukay kvass to anyone who is not bothered by stevia.  If you don’t like stevia, I recommend giving them a try with reservations.  I ended up drinking the kvass is intervals, instead of in one sitting.  It was a nice alternative to have on hand, but I’m sad to say that I don’t picture myself buying them regularly in the future.

Your mileage may vary.


Reference link:http://zukay.com/