We’re awesome and we eat.

To be a bit more precise: We like to eat, we like to cook, we live in the Boston area, and you get to read all about it.

Updated on 10/16/12

This blog was originally started between four housemates who lived in Greater Boston.  Two of them have moved onto other interests; one just never really got accustomed to on-line social interactions.

So that just left me.

I find that I keep writing about food, thinking about food and nutrition, and thinking about the food environment around me.  I don’t work in a food-related industry.   It’s just an interest that won’t quit.

I love learning about sustainable practices; I love all forms of cooking, whether it be with a slow cooker pork or it be a raw foods recipe; I love all kinds of cuisine, although I will admit that Asian food is my comfort food… except for soy.  I’m a Chinese girl who is allergic to soy.  Fate is a cruel mistress.

You’ll find a lot of reviews here.  Recipes aren’t posted as often as I would like.  I try to reply to every comment I get because I like and encourage open discussion.

All of my posts are still published under my original pseudonym “Mikan-san” because I’m too lazy to make changes.  (^_~)

Mikan, aka Teri

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