For some reason, I think that if I write it down here, publicly, that things will actually get done. (^_^)

– experiment with breakfast pilaf and take photos
– bake bread because I ran out
– plant some microgreens
– get the City Pickers box prepped
– plant okra in said box
– make duck ham
– buy milk and salad greens

On the road to better myself…

… As a home cook, anyway.

There are things that I feel that I should try to make, regardless of whether I am personally interested in eating/drinking it. I always have a running list of things to try in my head, but never get around to it.

I don’t cook as often as I would like to or as often as I think I should. And as winter begins to roll around, I think that I should spend more time in my kitchen.

Perhaps jotting down some of the things I’d like to do here will challenge me to go and do it:

1. Make cordial! (I would love a chance to make umeshu for my friends but ume season is early spring and I don’t know if my favorite Asian market will even carry ume.)
2. Butterfly a chicken.
3. Make jam.
4. Make candied ginger and candied orange peels.
5. Make bagels.
6. Learn to make my mother’s jook (Chinese rice porridge).
7. Learn to make my mother’s pasta and shiitake soup.

There’s more to this list, like find a beef chili recipe that makes me happy (I’ve got a decent bean chili but not a beef one) but I should start small, and check things off before I think of more things.**


** and I will end up thinking of more things too.